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Marcomm helps small, mid-sized and large companies engage with the most effective marketing resources to drive growth. Whether you need a resource onsite or remote, have a project that exceeds your team's capacity, or want to build a fractional team of experts to be your marketing doer's, Marcomm focuses on the unique needs of companies, leaders and teams to collaborate-delivering top notch marketing execution.

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The Recipe for Smart Hiring in an Uneasy Economy

How experience and innovation drive Hiring Solutions

Contract work drives opportunity in the midst of the Great Resignation

Contract Staffing: A Vital, Flexible Marketing Solution

An uncertain economy is often the perfect time to evaluate and reassess your current hiring strategies. 

Read about Marcomm's multi-faceted approach to deliver hiring solutions and connect companies with experienced candidates.   

As companies are challenged with finding and retaining qualified employees. More companies and job candidates look to contract positions as the solution.

Read how our CEO/Founder, Joe Foley, pioneered the Contract Staffing business approach in the Twin Cities.

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Contract Staffing


Fractional Marketing Support

Project and Scope of Work

Sometimes you know exactly what you need, you just don’t know where to find it. Let Marcomm serve up the right talent to fill your marketing gap.
Need to add to your full-time marketing team? Marcomm will deliver the right talent.
From planning the work to ongoing tactical execution – Marcomm will build the team to deliver content, website updates, social media and more.
If your current team needs ongoing support in one or two areas, our flexible remote team members deliver tactic specific expertise as a fractional member of your team.

"They are attentive to our fast-paced, growth environment and have done an outstanding job prioritizing work and, most importantly, streamlining communication. From strategic marketing planning to project management and content creation, Marcomm provides the right mix of resources we need to maximize the impact of our budget.”

Paul Dobbins, Chief Growth Officer at Ostra Cybersecurity

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"Marcomm made the entire on-boarding process seamless and a breeze. They found a role that was right up my alley that met all my criteria for what I was looking for in a company/role. I really appreciated that communication was great with them and that they would get back to me immediately on any questions I had. They truly have your back and will do anything and everything to help you find the best fit.”

Marketing Automation Specialist at 3M