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Marcomm helps small, mid-sized and large companies engage with the most effective marketing resources to drive growth. Whether you need a resource onsite or remote, have a project that exceeds your team's capacity, or want to build a fractional team of experts to be your marketing doer's, Marcomm focuses on the unique needs of companies, leaders and teams to collaborate-delivering top notch marketing execution.

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Fractional Marketing Support

Project and Scope of Work

Sometimes you know exactly what you need, you just don’t know where to find it. Let Marcomm serve up the right talent to fill your marketing gap.
Need to add to your full-time marketing team? Marcomm will deliver the right talent.
From planning the work to ongoing tactical execution – Marcomm will build the team to deliver content, website updates, social media and more.
If your current team needs ongoing support in one or two areas, our flexible remote team members deliver tactic specific expertise as a fractional member of your team.
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An Extension of your Team


Fractional Marketing: Your Integrated, Specialized Go-Team

Ostra Cybersecurity taps into Marcomm’s Fractional Marketing Team

How Marcomm Built Out Fractional Marketing for Retailer A-Best

Tackle Your Project with the Right Marketing Talent

Why hire 3 to 4 full-time marketers when you can utilize an outside marketing team for a fraction of the price? Read how Fractional Marketing can help your company.

When it comes to hiring marketing talent, sometimes you know exactly what you need. But what if  you’re a tech startup company with a fantastic product, but limited marketing infrastructure to support it?

Read how A-Best, a top sewing machine retailer, had to pivot from an in-store presence to fully online in the middle of 2020.
Sometimes it takes time and resources you don’t have to execute a marketing project, but you don’t need a long-term commitment. 
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Making Waves in the Marketing Community


We Bring the Marketing Community Together

Why a “Do-All” Marketing Hire Is Not the Magic Solution

Top Reasons To Use Voice Of Customer Insight

25 Years Supporting Marketing for One of Minnesota’s Fortune 100

Check out our community blog, where we share news, updates and relevant stories in the Marketing Community
Read how we uncover what a "Marketing Unicorn" is, how it's a myth in the marketing talent space, and how our very own unicorn discusses this mindset.

We gather and use business data daily to ensure we operate smoothly, to deliver our products and services and to manage our productivity. But all too often, companies overlook one of the most important data points to manage: customer insight.

Since 1996, Marcomm Department founder Joe Foley, has been working with some of Minnesota's top companies. Read how we staff one of the biggest companies in the Twin Cities.
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"They are attentive to our fast-paced, growth environment and have done an outstanding job prioritizing work and, most importantly, streamlining communication. From strategic marketing planning to project management and content creation, Marcomm provides the right mix of resources we need to maximize the impact of our budget.”

Paul Dobbins, Chief Growth Officer at Ostra Cybersecurity